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1. Who do I contact about purchasing an explosion proof product and ask for technical support?

Please email to us at

2. Do you ship equipment to the middle east?

Yes, we ship orders worldwide.

3. Can you design a custom explosion proof solution for me?

Yes! We have staff engineers and designers that create custom solutions for our clients daily. Just contact  email us at

3.Can you build a unit that complies to I.E.C. ( International Electrical code ) codes ?

Yes,Henan reford tech provide all the explosion proof products which comply with the GB standards and IEC standards. We would be happy to speak with you about your project and offer our services.

4.What are the differences between CQST(China National Quality Supervision and Test Center for Explosion Protected Electrical Products) and I.E.C.( International Electrical code ) ? 

Henan reford tech has included, in our website under Ex library, documentation that will help you understand the CQST and I.E.C. codes. If you need additional help on this matter please call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

5. What is explosion proof, and how do I determine what best suits my needs?

The term “Explosion proof” is a generic term. According to the IEC standards,you will need to identify the following items for classification of your unit: Zone 1,Zone 2,. Group(s), and T-Code (surface temperatures). For help with this, Henan reford tech has included, in the Support section of our website, documentation that will help with your selection. If you need additional help on this matter, please call us. We look forward to hearing from you. Please note that cost and delivery can sometimes be effected by the classification of your unit. Please confirm that your selection is correct for both safety and delivery issues.

6. I need an explosion proof system but am not positive how to go about it. Just looking to try and understand my needs.

Sometimes you just need a little information. Give us a call or send us one email. Let our experience work for you. We spend a lot of time working with contractors, engineers, and many people just planning for upcoming projects. We would be happy to help you on any level you need. Once you have the facts, let us know how we can help. Service comes first.

7. What is the average delivery time?

Delivery times may vary based on the unit selection and specifications from the client. Henan reford tech prides itself on three key issues: Quality, Pricing and On-Time Delivery. Whatever your needs are, Henan reford tech can deliver fast and on time.

8. What is the cost of an explosion proof unit versus that of a traditional unit?

It is important to note that an explosion proof unit is very different than a general purpose design, the manufacturing for an explosion proof system uses components that are generally more expensive than the base unit. In short, there is a lot of value added to a normal type unit. For this reason, you can not base cost on explosion proof units as you would traditional non-explosion proof systems. Based on your explosion proof code selection, the materials needed to build your system could be several times the cost of the base unit. When you purchase a system from Henan reford tech, you are getting the very best that Henan reford tech has to offer in engineering and manufacturing of explosion proof HVAC equipment. Give us the opportunity to work with you and share our experience to help with your explosion proof projects.

7. Can I expedite my order?

Yes. Henan reford tech is very efficient in managing our production and procurement departments. This allows us to deliver our explosion proof products faster than others without incurring overtime and unnecessary material delivery charges. This in turn helps Henan reford tech maintain the best possible price structure for our clients. However, there are times that you may need your system even sooner than a standard delivery quoted by Henan reford tech. We can offer, on most explosion proof projects, an expedited delivery. Henan reford tech is very careful in this area. We will review the requirements and the logistics needed to meet your requested delivery time. If we can 100% confirm this delivery date, we will offer you an expedite fee based on the following: 1. Cost for expediting materials (if needed) and 2. Overtime hours to produce and deliver your explosion proof HVAC project. For more details on this matter please call Henan reford tech.  We look forward to working with you and will find the solution that serves you best.

9. Can Henan reford tech provide engineering for our explosion proof projects?

Yes. Henan reford tech provides the very best engineering for our systems,.Henan reford tech is a company that fully understands the problems and concerns of people that are buying explosion proof systems. It is our goal to make this process easier and more efficient by allowing Henan reford tech to work for you and to make your projects successful.

10. Do you take Purchase Orders?

Henan reford tech takes purchase orders from many types of companies. Regardless of the project size, Henan reford tech will offer our full support in helping you. If you have yet to be approved with our accounting department, please don’t worry. This will not delay your project with us. We will work with you during this process and still complete your project on time.

11. What forms of payment do you accept?

Henan reford tech accepts many forms of payment from clients depending on location and project size. Listed below are our most typical forms of payment. However, we would be happy to speak with you on this matter if you have any questions.

Forms of Payment: 

Telex Transfer

Letter of Credit

Please contact your sales person for details of methods of payment.

12. How do I get the unit shipped to my location?

Simple. Henan reford tech can work with your freight forwarder or contract delivery of your units to a destination of your choice. Henan reford techcan ship your projects by land, sea, or air to any part of the world. Our shipping department works closely with the best freight forwarders in the world to get your project not only delivered on time, but also undamaged. Our shipping department can offer air or sea crating for your projects to keep the equipment in perfect working order. It is not beneficial for Henan reford tech, or more importantly, you the customer to have a project delivered on time or ahead of schedule only for the unit to have been damaged during shipping. Let us work with you.